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PeRT3 Phoenix

PeRT3 Phoenix System

PeRT3 Phoenix is a new addition to PeRT3 family of products designed to address PCIE Gen3 test requirements. In order to meet the increasingly complex designs of today's serial data receivers, PeRT3 Phoenix expands the bit rate range up to 8.5Gbps and offers new signal stress sources and built-in 3 tap de-emphasis control to address new serial data standards.


Complete Compliance Test Environment

Receiver testing will be a critical area for PCI Express Gen3 Compliance. PeRT3 Phoenix is designed to test the receiver under conditions of proper equalization training, by performing loopback initialization and by introducing different stress types. Because the system combines protocol awareness with complete stress jitter profile, PeRT3 Phoenix has revolutionized the receiver testing architecture and is helping to define the PCI Express Gen3 compliance testing methodology.

Complete Characterization in Development

The biggest challenge for receiver compliance testing for PCI Express Gen3 is how the receiver performs dynamic equalization training of both the receiver equalization parameters and the proper selection of transmitter equalization presets. PeRT3 Phoenix can generate both 8b/10b and 128b/130b encoded data to establish Gen3 connectivity, and can perform transmitter equalization preset negotiation while the receiver optimizes the receiver equalization parameters. At the same time, PeRT3 Phoenix satisfies the 500ns timing requirement for preset response and thus makes this instrument the perfect tool for validation and characterization of the dynamic equalization design.

Calibrating the Jitter Output of the Phoenix

Receiver test specifications require calibration of the jitter output sources for the test instrument. When using the PeRT3 Phoenix in conjunction with SDA 8 Zi oscilloscope, this calibration process can be fully automated.