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Logic analyzers are known to be slow, complicated and expensive but LogicStudio changes all this by delivering a powerful feature set, high performance hardware and an intuitive point and click user-interface.

With I2C, SPI and UART Trigger and Decoding

Lively, Dynamic Display

LogicStudio is fast! Waveforms update quickly and panning or zooming is extremely responsive. Download the software and experience it yourself. Download

Sleek and Sophisitcated User Interface

The software interface is modern and intuitive creating a new logic analyzer experience.

Simple Mouse Operation

LogicStudio is intuitive and easy to operate with friendly left-click and right-click controls plus all buttons are on the main screen, no complicated menus to navigate.

MSO PC capabilities

LogicStudio is compatible with 10 popular oscilloscopes series from LeCroy, Tektronix and Agilent covering bandwidths from 40 MHz up to 1 GHz. Connecting the instruments is easy with the included USB and BNC cables, make the connections and let the software establish the link and begin displaying waveforms.

Protocol Decoding and Data Trigger

View decoded protocol information for I2C, SPI and UART busses plus trigger on data being transmitted on the serial busses.


Quickly measure the time between transitions on a single line, across digital lines or from a digital line to an analog waveform. Snap the cursors directly to the waveform edge for precise measurements.

Waveform Magnifier

Get a better view of the waveforms by passing over them with the magnifier, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in for an even closer look.


Did something interesting or surprising just flash across the screen, stop the trigger and flip through a history of the previous 100 acquisitions.

Powerful Triggering

For difficult problems a simple edge or logic level trigger is not enough. LogicStudio advanced triggering provides an environment for creating powerful combinations of edge, logic level, parallel bus and serial bus triggers to isolate difficult problems.


View variations in the signals over time to find problems faster. Use with History mode to see what happened when and isolate the problem.

Interleaving for Higher Performance

Use all 16 channels at 500 MS/s or 8 channels at 1 GS/s for more timing resolution

Logic Thresholds

Choose from standard TTL and CMOS levels or create a custom level from 0 – 7 V

Trigger Modes

Oscilloscope trigger modes of Auto, Normal and Single help ensure what you need to see is always on the display.

Save and Recall

Save screenshots to share with others or save waveforms and setups for recalling later.

Add/Remove/Hide Waveforms

One click to add a new waveform, one click to remove it, right-click to hide it.

Configure and Name

Double click a channel to enter a custom name or click the Signals button to change the color or signal to display

Freeform Display

View waveforms stacked on top of each other or enable Freeform display to overlay one waveform on top of another .

Built-In Getting Started Manual

Not sure how to use a certain tool, mouse over for tool tips or access the manual from the Help menu.

Tell LeCroy

Have a question or suggestion? Click on Tell LeCroy in the Help menu and send an email directly to LeCroy with the waveforms, screen capture and setup file attached to the message.