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GDS-2000 Series
60MHz- 200MHz

GDS-2000 Series




-  200/ 100/ 60MHz 주파수대역

-  2채널/ 4채널 입력

-  1GS/s실시간샘플링

-  25k 포인트 메모리 길이

-  5.6인치 컬러 TFT-LCD 디스플레이

-  Go/NoGo 및 자동시퀀스설정 기능

-  USB호스트/디바이스, 프린터 지원

-  배터리 옵션 전원구동

-  제한적 평생보증제도 적용 제품



제품상세 설명


전반적인 기능이 탑재된 GDS-2000시리즈는 매우 다양한 편의적인 기능을 제공합니다. 성능적으로 1GS/s의 실시간 샘플링속도와25k의 넉넉한 메모리, 선명한 컬러TFT-LCD 2채널/4채널의 선택이 가능합니다. 기능적으로 USB드라이브 , 컬러프린팅, 원격제어, 배터리 구동 및 자동측정기능을 지원하여 한 층 측정업무의 효과를 극대화 할 수 있습니다.



본 시리즈는 총 6개의 모델로 구성이 되어, 200MHz,100MHz,60MHz주파수대역 제품이 2채널과 4채널 모델로 각각 선택이 가능합니다. 1GS/s의 실시간 샘플링 뿐아니라 25GS/s의 등가샘플링이 25k의 메모리와 함께 가장 최적화된 측정의 조합이 된 플랫폼을 갖고 있습니다. 27가지의 풍성한 자동측정 파라미터, FFT변환, 향상된 트리거링, 12개의 DIVISION의 수평 디스플레이, 양불판정을 위한 Go/NoGo 기능, 온스크린 도움말과 같은 다재다능한 기능외에 한국어를 포함한 다국어 지원이 더욱 장비의 품격을 높이고 있습니다.



프로그래밍을 위한 RS-232C, USB인터페이스는 기본사양이며, 옵션으로GP-IB인터페이스를 제공합니다. 파형이미지를 USB에 저장하거나 프린터로 출력하는 문서화기능도 매우 실용적이며, 제품이 가볍고 배터리 옵션이 지원되어 포터블 사용에도 유용한 제품입니다.


The GDS-2000 Series, carrying bandwidths of 200MHz, 100MHz and 60MHz and inputs of 2 and 4 channels, makes up a family of 6 members in total. The combination of 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate (25GSa/s for ET sampling) and 25k point’s record length of the GDS-2000 Series provides the highest value platform among all equivalent products available in the market today. The 27 Auto Measurement functions, FFT measurement, Advanced Triggering, 12 Division Horizontal Display, Time Clock, Frequency Counter, Go/NoGo, Multi-Language Screen Menu, On-Line Help, Setup Sequence and a Lifetime Warranty* are all standard features of the GDS-2000 Series.



4CH & 2CH Selection


4-channel models have joined the product lineup in addition to the traditional 2-channel models. The vertical scale of each channel carries the full bandwidth of the model at 200MHz, 100MHz or 60MHz. With 4 full bandwidth channels, a larger range of applications are possible. Typical examples of four-channel applications include testing switching power supplies and rotary encoder measurements.



1GSa/s Real-time Sampling & 25GSa/s Equivalent-time Sampling


1GSa/s Real-Time Sampling allows measure high frequency signals accurately. A higher sampling rate helps to acquire more waveform data in a short period of time. It is especially useful for the single-shot (non-repetitive) waveform capture and observation as the faster the waveform data can be acquired the better the waveform reconstruction. For repetitive signals, however, Equivalent-Time (ET) sampling is a better tool than Real-Time Sampling. ET sampling is able to acquire data periodically, with each successive sample increasing the sampling points. By acquiring data from repetitive waveform cycles, ET Sampling Technology accurately reconstructs the waveforms at a resolution of up to 40ps. The GDS-2000 Series is able to sustain a 25GSa/s sampling rate for repetitive waveform acquisition and reconstruction compared to a Real-Time Sampling capability of 1GSa/s rate.



TFT Color LCD Display


For a crisp and clear view, the GDS-2000 Series has a color TFT LCD display. Compared to STN displays, TFT panels have reduced flicker, wider viewing angles and brighter color reproduction. With support for displaying 4 waveforms, measurement grids and signal data at the same time, a bright, clear, colored screen is a necessity for comparing and analyzing data.



27 Automatic Measurements


The GDS-2000 DSO Series employs a comprehensive set of automatic measurement features. The automatic waveform measurement feature includes 27 frequently used measurement items grouped into three sections : Voltage, Time (Frequency), and Delay. A maximum of 10 measurement results can be shown on the screen and updated in real-time. These automatic measurement features are an effective way to monitor the characteristics of a signal in real-time. 19 automatic

measurements can be shown on screen simultaneously.



Go/NoGo Testing


The Go/NoGo testing function checks whether an input signal violates a user-defined template. Setting the template is a simple two -step process. Select a reference waveform from an input signal or waveform file and configure the violation tolerance from the reference waveform. After setting the template, Go/NoGo testing is ready to go. The GDS-2000 Series compares the input signal with the template in real time and shows the test result on the screen. Both the type of

Go/NoGo violation and the reaction to a violation can be configured to meet various application requirements. Any Go/NoGo violations are indicated either by an internal buzzer or by sending a control signal to an external device via the Go/NoGo BNC output on the rear panel.



On-Line Help And Multi-Language Support


For hassle-free operation, the GDS-2000 Series provides a built-in help manual via the Help key. Press the "Help" button to get into the on-screen Help mode, and then press any key to display instructions about that key's function on the screen. The GDS-2000 Series interface menu and the on-screen Help have multi-language support. Supported languages include: English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, German, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. This provides

localized help if English is not your preferred language and offers an easy environment for multicultural joint-projects. In the future, GW Instek will increase the number of languages to provide broader localized support for languages that are not currently supported.



Data Storage & Transfer And USB Printing Support


20 sets of waveform data, 20 panel setups and 4 reference waveforms can be saved into internal memory to be recalled later for display. All the waveform data, panel setups and screen images can be saved to a USB flash drive.


With optional PC software available for download on the GW Instek web site, the GDS-2000 series can be remotely controlled.


The software can also monitor and record waveform data over a period of time by continually transferring data to a PC for further analysis. The GDS-2000 Series supports printing directly to a USB compatible printer. Screen images can be printed in either color or grayscale depending on the printer settings.



Battery Power Operation


With the optional Li-ion battery packs, the GDS-2000 Series market coverage is extended to field application areas where AC power is not available. Fully charged, the two light-weight battery packs keep a GDS-2000 DSO running under normal operation for over 3 hours.


The built-in battery charger automatically recharges the battery packs whenever the oscilloscope is connected to AC power. An optional soft carrying case (GSC-005) is available to accommodate field applications.