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Infrared cameras E8 Series

The infrared cameras in the hotfind E8 Series are easy to use thermographic cameras which offer unbeatable value for money. The cameras are equipped with a high-performance UFPA-detector which means that they are ready to use and ready to provide you with crisp and clear thermal images within seconds.

Precise temperature measurements

Thanks to an extremely high thermal sensitivity of only 100mK and a measuring range of up to +250 °C the cameras in the E8 Series are able to provide extremely accurate and reliable measuring results. The hotfind E8 TN also has as many as nine movable measuring spots giving you greater flexibility when carrying out your measurement checks and inspections. The fully radiometric infrared images which the cameras provide can be easily transferred to your PC where they can then be evaluated quickly and easily.


The hotfind E8 TN and the hotfind E8 GN infrared cameras are additionally equipped with a digital camera for real images. The DuoVision technology on board the infrared camera allows you to display the images of your camera either as infrared or real images or a combination of the two. These combined images can be displayed in various stages of overlapping to provide you with a better overview and an improved means on which to base your diagnosis.

Robust and ergonomic design

All the infrared cameras in the hotfind E8 Series are IP 54 rated (dust and splashproof) and can be operated at temperatures between -15 °C and +50 °C. They are shock and vibration-tested up to 25 and 2 G respectively. The camera‘s tilt-and-swivel 2½-inch display not only allows you to adapt to almost any measuring situation it also allows you to carry out your work much more ergonomically and even more efficiently.


The thermal imaging cameras in the hotfind E8 Series have a minimum focal distance of only 100 mm. This highly-practical feature means that you can carry out extremely precise measuring applications (eg. circuit board diagnoses) using only a standard lens.

Removable storage medium (SD card) and non-stop, continuous use

The cameras in the series are all equipped with a removable storage medium (SD card) with which you are able to store thousands of images and the cameras are also equipped with an energy mode you can perform up to 2½ hours of non-stop, continuous operation.

Optional accessories / Bluetooth

There is a wide range of lenses available for the cameras, eg. A wide-angle lens and a variety of different telephoto lenses and software packages. The SDS analysis software can provide you with comprehensive solutions for analysing and documenting your measuring results. The hotfind E8 GN Bluetooth even has a recording function which also allows you to attach voice annotations and recordings to your images.