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NVA R631

The Novelda NVA-R631 Development Kit is the starting point for any developer who wishes to develop applications based on the NVA6100 Impulse Radar chip. The hardware consists of one Radar-module and one I/O module which are connected through pin header connectors. If desirable, the Radar-module can be used without the I/O cable as a plug-in to existing prototype systems.The Radar Module has the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) from the Radar IC accessible on a pin header connector and SMA connectors for RX and TX:

The key features of the kit are:

Radar module:

·         Small form factor for easier implementation

·         SPI for low threshold development on other digital platforms

·         Cost efficient design for price sensitive applications

·         Optimized RF performance through grounded coplanar waveguide design

·         RF match compatibility option through resistive matching possibility on RX and TX

·         On board 100MHz CXO option for increased speed and performance

·         Module power down function for low power duty cycled measurements

·         On board FLASH for storing individual calibration or other data

·         OTP ID programming option

·         Improved power distribution for better performance

·         Standardized SMA connectors

Radar chip:

·         Single chip CMOS NVA6100 Impulse RADAR

·         Transmit bandwidth (-10dB) from 450 MHz to 3.55 GHz (nominal)

·         Close Range Operation

·         High-resolution

·         Simultaneous observation of 512 depths

·         High speed; > 30GS/s Sampling rate

·         Ultra low RF emission (< FCC Part 15 limit)

I/O cable:

·         Standard USB to SPI I/O bridge from FTDI, requiring no firmware development

·         Enables easy and powerful development possibilities on a computer

·         Customized connector for interface to Novelda radar modules

·         USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mb/s) for increased transfer speeds enabling high FPS applications

·         USB power supplied to radar module

Vivaldi antenna:

      ·    Frequency range 1.3 GHz to 4.4 GHz

        ·   Size: 150mm x 133mm x1.6mm

        ·   As low as 40° opening angle in azimuth (100° in elevation)

        ·   End-fire antenna

      ·   Weight < 55g


·         Software modules written in C

·         API (C/C++, Python, Java, .NET*)

·         C# GUI demo application*

·         Matlab examples


*windows only