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Gamma ray cameras
0 keV to 700 keV


700keV 25.6mm CZT Gamma Ray Detector Module


The micro-IDM compact gamma ray detector module comes with a room temperature Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) semi-conductor sensor with 256 pixels, arranged in a 16×16 matrix. Each pixel is connected to a channel with amplification and trigger circuitry implemented in application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

The ASIC amplifies and samples the analog signal when the input signal is above a user programmable threshold. The trigger signal, the address of the triggered channel and the charge signal is then available at the at the output interface. The output self-resets after a predetermined time.

The uIDM256B allows for gamma ray energy measurements up to 700 keV. The module has been measured to with a Co-57 source and at room temperature. The Co-57 photo-peak at 122 keV has 5.4 keV full-width-half-maximum (FWHM) energy resolution.

The modules can be arranged to create gamma ray cameras of different geometries. Typical applications include arrays of uIDM256 modules, creating a larger imaging array. The module has two M2 threaded holes for mounting. The module has two electrical connectors, which allows for mounting on a carrier board.

The detector modules are insensitive to magnetic fields and can be operated in vacuum/space.

The module is also available with 40 mm x 40 mm CZT crystal: uIDM256B-40, or without a crystal: uIDM256B.

The uIDM256 is also available in a 350 keV-charge range version: uIDM256A-CZT25.6

Carrier boards for multiple uIDM256 modules can be delivered, contact IDEAS for more information


Product Features

Detectors CZT
Application Gamma ray cameras
Input charge range 0 keV to 700 keV
Number of pixels 256 (16x16)
Pixel pitch 1.6 mm
Energy resolution 5% FWHM at 122 keV
Trigger threshold Programmable
Outputs Energy and triggered channel
Power consumption 250 mW (excluding CZT)
Dimensions 25.6 mm x 25.6 mm x 20 mm