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Galao Development Kit
Detector interface, ASIC test boards
Detector development
Ethernet, USB

Galao Development Kit

Development kit for IDEAS ASICs


The Galao Development Kit is used to perform laboratory tests and evaluation of IDEAS ASICs. It supports a variety of ASICs with different functionality and interface methods.

The ASIC is located on a separate dedicated ASIC test board, which allows the Galao board to be generic. The test system consists of the Galao board and the ASIC test board in combination with an external PC.

The ASIC test boards also include front-end connectors for detectors, which simplifies testing of the ASIC together with the intended detector.

The board includes a calibration circuit for charge injection, data converters, trigger receivers, power conditioning and bias generation.

The on-board firmware is customized for the ASIC type that is used. The hardware is interfaced via Ethernet and/or USB, using IDEAS’ proprietary Readout and Control Protocol. The protocol allows for transparent control of each of the ASICs interfaces.

For more information on the supported ASICs, please contact IDEAS.


Product Features

Inputs Detector interface, ASIC test boards
Application Detector development
Outputs Ethernet, USB
Test and calibration ASIC charge injection circuit