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ROSMAP (Counting)
Number of inputs
Input charge range
Hamamatsu H8500C
0 pC to -200 pC

ROSMAP (Counting)

Counting readout of multi anode PMTs
 ROSMAP with PMT attached.

The ROSMAP is a compact system for readout of multi-anode photo multiplier tubes (PMT). The system is designed to interface with the Hamamatsu H8500 multi-anode PMT. The system has a configurable serial interface for data acquisition.

The counting version of ROSMAP includes 64 counters, each 16 bits wide. The counters can be read out via the data interface. Each counter is incremented at an event on its respective channel on PMT sensor.

Each anode is connected to its own charge sensitive amplifier located on an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) from IDEAS.

The module has internal triggering, generated from the PMT dynode signal (DY12). The trigger level can be adjusted to fit the application, by the programming internal system registers. The system also includes an internal calibration circuit.

The readout system amplifies and digitizes the signals from the sensor. The serialized digital data is provided over a standard serial interface. The output data interface can be connected to a PC or an industrial system. The data interface can be customized to the user’s needs.

The system includes internal power regulation and conditioning.

The system is delivered with an executable test system, with functionality to perform basic measurements with an attached PMT. Source code for the test system can be delivered by agreement.

Product Features

Detector Hamamatsu H8500C
Number of inputs 64
Input charge range 0 pC to -200 pC
Maximum rate 37000 events/s
Trigger threshold Programmable
Data interface ModBus over UART, RS232, RS485 or USB
Power supply 3.6 V to 5.5V
Power consumption 2 W (without PMT)
Dimensions 64 mm x 64 mm x 30 mm (without PMT)